Your Future Is Our Business

Our objective at Dalton Hogarth is to be the investment manager of choice for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. Not only today, but also in the future. One generation after another.

About Dalton Hogarth

We strive to protect and grow the assets of our clients by following a simple philosophy: “rethink everything.” Our mission is to help our clients reach their personal goals and keep, grow, and pass on their wealth to future generations. We do this at all stages of their lives by taking a holistic approach.

We are distinguished from our competitors by a number of criteria, including our private ownership and organization, our client-centric, customized approach, and the way we think and act in accordance with our principles, values and experience. As an independent, private entity, our clients’ interests align with ours. Mirroring our local culture, we provide a solid, stable and international approach.

Common sense and risk-awareness are central to our financial strength. We build strong long-term client partnerships based on expertise, trust, and care by providing tailored financial services and bespoke wealth management solutions to entrepreneurs, executives, expats, high-net-worth individuals, charities and foundations.

Our Services


Some of our clients are employed, while others are retired, but they are all professionally successful. For the majority, professional achievement has increased financial complexity while reducing the time available to navigate it effectively. As specialists in their respective professions, our clients cherish skilled advice and the ability to transfer essential responsibilities to a trustworthy partner.

Yes. Each year, we accept a certain number of new customers as our clients. We are able to give our full attention to addressing the needs of our existing clients because we have committed to a method of growth that is both moderate and sustainable.

No. We believe in competing for your business and letting new clients consolidate their assets at a comfortable pace.

You can anticipate learning what it might be like for us to collaborate. You will gain an understanding of our personality, cost structure, and suitability to your needs. We will ask several questions and respond to each of yours. We will provide feedback on the organization of your finances, identify areas for improvement, and suggest particular tactics to pursue. Whether or not a professional relationship develops, we will guarantee that your time with us is as productive as possible.

What Our Clients Say