We care for, preserve, and grow clients’ money throughout decades. We manage portfolios, produce unique investment insights, and use them in a rigorous and nimble asset allocation framework.

We blend traditional and alternative asset class expertise with state-of-the-art portfolio construction tools to help clients realize investing opportunities. Our asset allocation goes beyond typical approaches. Differentiated, return-generating methods reflect current economic and geopolitical conditions.

Sustainable Investing

Since the late 1990s, we’ve developed a sustainable investment and analysis framework. These technologies enhance our financial analysis and investment plans. Our systems use various data points to create sustainability analyses and reports. This demonstrated experience helps us develop sustainable portfolios for our clients. We’ve established climate transition, natural capital, and green and climate bonds strategies. Sustainability is driving future economic returns. Sustainability can open new investment opportunities, boost returns and minimize portfolio risk.


We provide market intelligence and business acumen to clients using our global network and expertise. Our solutions create value. We hold fundamental, macro-focused, and bottom-up convictions. Our professionals cover asset classes and investment approaches. Our experts analyze market patterns to offer forward-looking investment strategies and asset allocation guidelines.


Based on our proprietary process and investment philosophy, our equity research team compiles an exclusive list of direct holdings convictions. Fundamentals are prioritized here. We focus on our area of expertise, as well as regions and industries where we have proven acumen.


Our bond strategy is centered on capital preservation and maximizing risk-adjusted returns. We maintain structural discipline in our clients fixed income portfolios, while offering a diverse range of bond strategies.

Special Situations

One outstanding investment can alter your life. We’ve all heard of folks who invested in Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, or Apple when they were young and secured their own and their children’s financial futures. The principals of Dalton Hogarth have access to offers that fly below the radar of others less well connected. These special situations can make the difference between simply existing and living the life you’ve always desired. Pre-IPO, IPO, and Emerging Market scenarios are examples.

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