Building a portfolio is only one aspect of wealth management. It’s about taking a comprehensive look at your wealth. At Dalton Hogarth, we assess your needs in a global, yet personalized manner, allowing us to provide you with effective solutions. First, we get to know you by assessing your personal, family, and professional circumstances. Next, we define your needs and tailor your wealth management to your personal circumstances and country of residence. We structure your investments proactively, preparing for life events such as the sale of a business or the making of a gift, while also protecting your loved ones.

Financial Professionals Committed to Our Clients

Our staff is comprised of specialists from Europe, Asia, North America, and other regions. Their broad expertise enables them to support you wherever you’re based. Dalton Hogarth in-house experts provide wealth planning services in collaboration with your personal advisors. Helping people organize, protect, and transmit their wealth is in our DNA as an independent business managed by several generations of investment advisors.

Financial Planning

We manage your assets to support your objectives and aspirations, both now and in the years ahead. We conduct comprehensive wealth diagnostics, including an analysis of your personal and professional situation, so that we can manage your assets and track the growth of your wealth progressively.

Expats and Relocation

If you’re planning to relocate, we can help you figure out any personal, legal, or tax issues that might come up to optimize your decision making. If you do decide to move, we’ll ensure your assets are structured according to the rules and laws in both the place you’re leaving and the place you’re going.

Retirement Planning

We help you set up plans for retirement that fit in with how you manage your other financial assets. By managing your pensions, retirement accounts, and other assets together, we can lower your overall tax burden and help you plan for the long term.


We assist you in ensuring the orderly transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. From structuring lifetime gifts to drafting your will, to identifying the most appropriate succession planning solutions, we ensure your wealth is organized in accordance with your intentions and any tax or legal considerations that may emerge.


We collaborate with philanthropists across the charity spectrum, including those initiating their own projects and collaborating with existing organizations, making use of our broad global advising capabilities.

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