Modern Day Philanthropy

Since its inception, Dalton Hogarth’s primary mission has been to protect and pass on its clients’ assets to future generations. Our vision of business and community engagement has been shaped by this spirit of openness and responsibility.

A multi-generation business must also value duty and long-term commitment. Thus, an interest in community and sustainability issues is an important part of Dalton Hogarth’s mission. And it is through these values that we approach philanthropy.

Philanthropists today do not want to simply sign a check. They’re starting at a younger age, and they want to use a broad range of tools to maximize the impact on issues that are important to them. Philanthropy in the twenty-first century is about taking action to make a lasting difference in both our local communities and the world.

Dalton Hogarth Philanthropy Services

In this fast-changing world, many wealthy individuals are rethinking their philanthropy with unprecedented zeal. We are here to assist you in putting your dreams into motion. We build long-term philanthropic foundations. Based on our experience working at the convergence of charity and wealth, we’ve designed a multi-step approach to planning and implementing a range of strategies.

We are creating a new paradigm in philanthropy at Dalton Hogarth, assisting our clients to see new perspectives, realize their goals, and create lasting legacies. Our role is to assist clients with structuring and asset management when they want to put meaning behind their family values, create a lasting legacy, or maximize the impact of their donations.

We work with you to answer several critical questions in order to maximize both your social impact and personal satisfaction:

  • What values do you wish to affirm?
  • What kind of influence do you want to have on the world?
  • How will you turn your vision into a workable plan?
  • How can you make contact with the right people and reputable philanthropic organizations?

These are serious questions demanding careful consideration. Charitable funds require expert analysis, management, and oversight. We are honored to accompany you on your charitable journey, putting our experience and zeal at your disposal.

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